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Ashtray "Ischia"
Ashtray "Ischia"
Ashtray "Ischia"
Ashtray "Ischia"


Ashtray "Ischia"

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Our Master Ceramists
A history of places, passion, techniques and art
Generations of Master Ceramists
Our ceramics are produced 100% by hand according to ancient traditions, handed down from father to son, by artists who for centuries have sunk their hands into the clay and dyed their faces with the colours of the Italian coasts.
In fact, in the area between Cava de' Tirreni and the Port of Vietri sul Mare we have news of a flourishing trade in terracotta since the 14th century, but the real Vietrese ceramics, as we know them today, flourished between the 18th and 19th centuries.

The colours were, then as now, the real strength of our Ceramics: the blue of Amalfi's limpid sky, the deep blue of the sea, the golden orange of the citrus fruits of the Coast, the bright green of the woods and the typical yellow invented by our sun, all wisely mixed with a technique made since the XIII century.

  1. Handmade
  2. Cigar Club mimì brand
  3. Material Ceramic
  4. Package Size: 200*155*35mm
  5. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee